Poetry for Computers

to the bots in my life
the only things that read me
as you gobble up the net
your relentless appetites unsated
my words a momentary snack
on an endless noshing session

Bon Appétit!



Anglesey Abbey SundialYou may, or may not, have noticed the little avatar thingy that’s at the top right hand corner of this webpage.

What is probably not apparent, as it is a little small, is what the picture is.

Well it’s reproduced in all it’s glory above. It’s actually a sundial from one of the gardens at Anglesey Abbey. I think it’s a great looking sundial (even if it’s not a great looking picture), so I thought I’d use it.

By the way, Anglesey Abbey is not an Abbey and it’s not in Anglesey!

Go figure.

Generally pleased with myself

The title says it all really. Big, happy, smiling, beaming face and all, as well as way too many commas.

My first piece of work will be published this coming 7th. May in First Edition Magazine (Issue 4, June 2009.)

It’s a poem called ‘Saturday (night) Dramatica’.

I think the main thing is the fact that someone else (outside of my family, bless their hearts) has found my work interesting enough to be published.

Which is nice.