Who Will We Blame Now?

Who will we blame now?

As we stand in our squares

Baying for our point of view

Now that an eye for an eye

Has been ticked off our list

So proud, so proud

And I can’t look my race

In the face


(On the orgasmic, jingoistic American reaction to the news that Osama Bin Laden had been assassinated.)


No Rhyme nor Reason (To me)

Stone book by patkisha - http://www.sxc.hu/profile/patkisha

I got paid this week. Yahoo!

So I decided to treat myself and go into Waterstones in Cambridge and buy some books.

They have a 3 for 2 offer on at the mo so I picked myself three books (you can see what I got on the sidebar.) I also bought Simon Armitage’s Selected Poems. Now this wasn’t on offer and cost me £9.99. The other books all had original prices of between £7.99 and £8.99.

I didn’t mind that. I like Simon’s work and I’d already got some bargains but it struck me that I’ve never seen poetry books on any offers in the High Street. (The one exception being Borders but they were closing down so it doesn’t count.)

But why is poetry priced at such a premium?

I’m sure that someone could come up with all sorts of costings as to why they charge at least £2 more for a book half the thickness. One being, I suppose, that they don’t sell many so they have to charge more to make a profit from the print run.

But then Amazon have all these books on offer so maybe it’s the cost of the shop space, leases, rates etc. But if that’s the case, how can they do 3 for 2 offers?

So I’m looking from the punters point of view. There ain’t no bargains to be had with poetry on the High Street, that’s my conclusion.

Seems a shame. They have book offers to encourage people to buy more books.

Poetry could do with that … and I might just save a couple of quid.

Mid-week Musing

hating the night
a black warrior
snuffing out the white knight

Mid-week Musing

The walk into work
Leaden legs
Freedom fantasies
Call me a taxi

Mid-week Musing

red wine
fruit blanket on tingling tongue
dulling the synapses
comprehension takes a step back

A New Stone

I’ve had a new ‘stone’ published today on A Handful of Stones.

Click on the link to have a look. Or, just look at the little ‘widget’ on the right. It’s there too!

Mid-week Musing

i hate the sting
i hate the process
i love the result
why wasn’t man created
the shaveless human being?