Seeing the Light

breakthrough by Scyza -

I had a submission rejected for a short story a few days ago. They said the ending was too predictable.
This was a fair point really as it was too predictable. I thought it at the time but I figured it would be okay.

It wasn’t.

Which is fine. I should have done more at the time. I should have pushed the boat (or thought) out a little bit more.

I’ll have another crack soon and I’ll  listen and act on my own criticism before I send it off this time rather than agreeing with it when I receive the identical criticism back.

Don’t you just love these  ‘Doh!’ moments?


2 Comments on “Seeing the Light”

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh oh! Serendipity! I just read this post today, which would seem to have some bearing on your situation.

    And hey — despite this rejection, I personally admire you for shutting off your inner critic long enough to actually get the thing done and sent out to someone. So snaps for that!

    • Gary Wilson says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Nicole!

      That’s a good post that you linked to. I should have have done some lopping as well!

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