Collectable, compostable


Don’t you just love old books?

Do you enjoy taking some quality time, wandering around second-hand bookshops, browsing row after row of books; all dusty, aged, touched by many hands, with a slightly musty smell to them?

You do?

Well I don’t.

Leave those for museums. I like new books. Brand new. Crisp white pages, smooth spines. Gleaming covers, the smell of newness where the only people who may have touched it are the packer and the stacker. Plus the author gets some royalties.

I can’t think of anything worse than some crappy old, moth eaten bit of pulp that should be re-cycled but instead is sold off as something collectable at a ridiculous price. Mauled about by god-knows-who and has been god-knows-where.



4 Comments on “Collectable, compostable”

  1. Jane says:

    Ha! I do like the smell of old bookshops. But I also love the crisp newness of a book not yet cracked open, dropped in the bath or with sandwich crumbs on it. I’ve just bought a pristine copy of Zoe Heller’s The Believers ( I lurve Zoe Heller ) and I’m not going to devour it until I’ve finished a piece of work. But I’ve been sniffing it and stroking the cover. ( And yes I should get out more )

    • Gary Wilson says:

      I like that turn of phrase Jane, ‘not yet cracked open’!

      ‘The Believers’ sounds like an interesting read.

      I, too need to get out more. Though I do have a worry I might be allergic to fresh air!

  2. 2nd hand books aren’t necessarily in really bad condition, I’ve bought some very fresh looking books second hand. I love the serendipity of second hand bookstores

    • Gary Wilson says:

      I’m glad you found good looking books second hand. I never seem to be that lucky! I just find that they (the bookstores) seem to offer so much but return so little.

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