Tomlit competition

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The Tomlit Blog has a short story competition. Entries need to be in by March 15th. so there’s still time. No cash prize I’m afraid but the winner gets their story published in Tomlit.

I think I’ll chance my arm. It doesn’t look like too many have entered just yet so the odds are good.

Mmm, in fact ignore this post. There’s nothing wrong with increasing ones chances are there?


A New Stone

I’ve had a new ‘stone’ published today on A Handful of Stones.

Click on the link to have a look. Or, just look at the little ‘widget’ on the right. It’s there too!

Generally pleased with myself

The title says it all really. Big, happy, smiling, beaming face and all, as well as way too many commas.

My first piece of work will be published this coming 7th. May in First Edition Magazine (Issue 4, June 2009.)

It’s a poem called ‘Saturday (night) Dramatica’.

I think the main thing is the fact that someone else (outside of my family, bless their hearts) has found my work interesting enough to be published.

Which is nice.