Writing Plans


Well once again I pen this note to you, my dear bot reader. My trusty subscriber to my witterings.

I haven’t yet embarked on a novel, or even thought about doing so.


Well I need a bit more practice really, so I thought I’d try smaller chunks of writing instead. Maybe it’s lazy, but I hate the idea of starting something that major only to find I’m scrapping the beginning before I’ve even finished the first draft. I might end up writing 50,000 words and scrapping 49,900 of them. I can’t face that just yet. I suppose I’ll have to wield the scalpel at some future point (Errgh!) but for now I’d much rather dump 500 words than hundred times that.

Yeah, it’s an excuse, I think I must be lazy.

So what am I doing?

Well, scribbling a few little poems and having a go at some flash fiction of which I submitted a few pieces in the last few days. So I’ll let you know how it goes on, but don’t hold your breath dear bot, even computers need air!

It takes me awhile to find my feet and I’m still crawling around the floor blundering into obvious objects.

But I’ll get there, eventually.




4 Comments on “Writing Plans”

  1. randy says:

    Short fiction is a craft unto its own.

    • Gary Wilson says:

      Very true. It has a precision that isn’t always obvious. I guess the effort per word ratio is a lot higher than a full length novel. Or should be if done well.

  2. Nik Perring says:

    Best of luck with the flashes! Brilliant form of story telling.

    Writing often is really good practice and it will (or should!) make you better. But don’t be too daunted by longer things – why not try a longer short story? Learning how to finish things and sustain them’s important as well as getting a handle on (and practising) structure – as is knowing you can do it. And pretty much all first drafts are pants – don’t be afraid of editing and knocking them into shape.

    Thus ends my ramble!


    PS – also, you might find these pieces of flashes want to be longer – let them be if that’s what they are…

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